video production company in spain

Video production company in Spain

LowMedia is a video production company based in Madrid (Spain). We offer a wide range of video production services from corporate videos to artistic videos. We are experts producing corporate, promocional and animated videos (motion graphics), especially for Internet. However, our company is composed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals that is able to make all kind of video productions.

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We live in a globalized world where having international affairs is getting more and more common. Conferences, fairs, events and interviews in other countries and even the need of b-roll is nowadays the day to day of some companies. In LowMedia, we know the costs of traveling with a filming crew, that´s why we offer our services to international companies that want to film in Spain. If raw footage is all you need, we can help you. We go and film whatever you need and send you the footage, so you can edit the material and get the results you want.


Corporate video is one of the most used resources to present a company, its values, its corporate identity, team, processes, products or services. A corporate video is an audiovisual communication tool that help to make more effective the message meant to reach your target audience. In the present social scene, video has become a necessary communication methodology if a direct impact to the target audience is required.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and when you organize an event you need more than one picture, especially if that event is outside of your country. If you need a photographer for an event, an interview, a making off or just city pictures of Madrid or any other place in Spain, we can help you. We offer you our photography services based on an excellent quality and price.


Recording in a multimedia format an important event is essential, and when organizing an event audiovisual documentation has become a really indispensable decission. An event video can feature different formats, so it is always important to be clear on what is the objective of the video to be made.

video production company in madrid - spain

Video production company based in Madrid - Spain. LowMedia offers a wide range of services


A Promotional video can be a great tool to make a product known, present a service, launch a campaign, or attract a targeted audience. Using images, explaining what we want and making our message easy to transmit will be much easier. And if we pursue sales objectives, video is the best resource if an effective, direct and impressive impact is required.


Animation is one of the predilect techniques when it comes to communication of ideas and concepts. Animation has experimented a huge evolution in the last years thanks to technology in terms of hardware and software, that makes the work of video professionals easier. An animated video can be of many different kinds and feature different shapes, have many styles and be made using different procedures (motion graphics, drawing, stop-motion…), all this depending on the final result required.


Interview video is one of the most demand fortmats. That is because the potential of an audiovisual testimony to represent an effective tool with informative, corporate, or advertising purposes. Strenghtening a speech or enhancing the credibility of a specific message are goals easily reachable by relying on a video.


We not only produce video on our own way and following our excellence standards. There are many situations where an exact and standarized format cannot be found to meet our specific needs, therefore, we also produce custom video, to reach our ultimate goal in the most efficient way: narrate through the use of a multimedia format anything our customers ask for.




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