Our Company

LowMedia is a young and creative video production company based in Madrid, Spain. We are experts producing corporate and promotional video especially for online video platforms, but we offer a wide range of video production services.

The most important part of our company is our team, which combines experience in the industry and entrepreneurship. People that belong LowMedia are the real heart of the company, who make real ideas and dreams of our clients.

Ideas are easy. It's the execution of ideas that really separates the good from the great


LowMedia is a present and future project. An innovative project that aims to enter the market with a new approach on communication and audiovisual production. LowMedia is here to stay and grow, beginning with audiovisual production but widening its final long term objectives.


The aim of LowMedia is to make affordable all resources in the communication and corporate image field, so every entity who wishes to take profit of it, can have the possibility. We make it possible optimizing our processes to feature the best price-quality ratio.


LowMedia is a young company, featuring a professionalism-based and personal growth culture. We are not just a business, but a new approach to audiovisual communication and its relation with nowadays’ convulse environment. We look to the present and future presenting our services in a clear, transparent and qualified way. Our goal is to be considered as a personal and professional growth instrument for all the people who work for us, as well as our future team-members.